The role of the mother in the child's development

The mother loves and cares about us. She is like an angel without wings or like a tree where her kids can play and grow. She shows her children how to enjoy life in the little things, and she takes her children with the warmness and the endless love. Her heart is full of forgiveness and generosity. She has incredible wisdom and feels her children very good. Her smile is a gift for the happiness of the home and she fills the heart of her kids with her inner smile. I think that the word mother is the best word ever existed.
We are mothers and we do so many things for our kids, some of actions we take purposely, some of them we do without even realizing and we do not even notice how we influence our children and what the mom's role in the children's development is.
Let’s go further together:

1. Trust and Security
The kid learns to trust around in relation to his mother, his emotional security and stability are built in the early years of his life. As a mother and the primary caregiver in your child's earliest days, weeks and months, you became the child's first link of any emotional and psychological bonding. Your baby learns his first emotions when being with you him.
What every mother should do? Be around when your kid needs you; never leave him crying out as some specialists advise. Always make your kid sure you support him, encourage him and get excited with his initial success in every step, clap your hands, show your love, kiss him, hug him a lot. All these actions will show your child that your love for him is a constant, and then he would develop his skills more secure and he would trust the world. Be honest with your child and always teach him to tell you truth. Say him that telling truth is the only way and you will never scold him in this way. Assure him of your unconditional love and support every day and in every way i order he would feel safe and secure.

2. Positive Attitude
Sure, the life in is tough here in Israel, terror attacks, the cost of real estate is rising rapidly, there are issues in educational sphere, and the way you solve all the problems can teach your kid how to live in the positive way. You need to solve everything with the positive attitude, whether the problems are big or small, and you should show your children how you manage to do everything with a smile on your face and this way you show your children that the positive attitude can help to overcome many difficulties in life.

Always be positive and ask your kids what good was happen the last day. And if the kid, If it is difficult for him to say what good was happened the last day, you list those positive things and feelings together with your kid, and talk about good things every single day. Teach your kids always to think positive, encourage your kids to learn from his mistakes, to never mope and to never give up. 

3. Be kind and loving
The way you behave towards your kid will have a lasting impact on your kid’s development throughout his childhood as well as his adult years. 
If you are nervous and shout at your child, then start working on yourself, there are many different techniques to stand the heat, and one of them is just to stop and count to 10.

Always be kind and loving towards your child, no matter how stressed or angry you are. Your response to your child’s day to day activities and the way you interact with him will show your kid the importance of being loving and attentive towards other people around.
The way you speak to your kid and others around you will teach your kid about dealing kindly with others.

In short, the role of the mother will have a significant impact on social, emotional and overall development of the child.

Tell us in the comments section how you think your role affects your child’s development.


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